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Serial ACE (Arbitrary Code Execution over serial interface)

Caution: This module allows unrestricted, arbitrary code execution on your KMK device. That includes potential exploits, such as keyloggers, and unvetted user code that may result in undesired behavior and/or crashes. This feature is purely experimental in the sense that you probably neither want nor should use it in production. Advanced knowledge of python and the serial console is required, and we will not provide help or support in any way.

This module provides an API to run any valid python code on your keyboard and return the result of that code via an additional serial console (not the one you use for the CircuitPython debugger).


Enable the data serial in, for example by using KMK's builtin boot configurator:

from kmk.bootcfg import bootcfg

    # ...excerpt
    # ...

Consult the bootcfg documentation for more details.


Enable the module, just as any other module else:

from kmk.modules.serialace import SerialACE

Assume the data serial is on /dev/ttyACM1. Depending on your OS settings, it may be necessary to explicitly set the serial device to raw transmission, no echo:

stty -F /dev/ttyACM1 raw -echo

Get the List of Active Layers

$ echo "keyboard.active_layers" > /dev/ttyACM1
$ cat /dev/ttyACM1

"Tap" a Key

$ echo "exec('from kmk.keys import KC; keyboard.tap_key(KC.Y)')" > /dev/ttyACM1
$ y