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Flashing Instructions

In general, we recommend using the instructions in, however, mostly as a development artifact, another method of flashing KMK exists (tested and supported only on Linux, though it should also work on macOS, the BSDs, and other Unix-likes. It may also work on Cygwin and the Windows Subsystem for Linux).

Given make and rsync are available on your system (in $PATH), the following will copy the kmk tree to your CircuitPython device, and will copy the file defined as USER_KEYMAP as your It will also copy our If any of these files exist on your CircuitPython device already, they will be overwritten without a prompt.

If you get permissions errors here, don't run make as root or with sudo. See Troubleshooting below.

make MOUNTPOINT=/media/CIRCUITPY USER_KEYMAP=user_keymaps/ BOARD=board/nameofyourboard/



Check to see if your drive may have mounted elsewhere with a GUI tool or other automounter. Most of these tools will mount your device under /media, probably as /media/CIRCUITPY. If it's not mounted, you can read up on how to mount a drive manually.

For example,

sudo mount -o uid=$(id -u),gid=$(id -g) /dev/disk/by-label/CIRCUITPY ~/mnt

If you're still having issues, check out our support page to see where you can come say hi and the community will gladly help you out.