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Status LEDs

Indicate which layer you are on with an array of single leds.

During startup the leds light up to indicate that the bootup is finished.

For the time being just a simple consecutive single led indicator. And when there are more layers than leds it wraps around to the first led again. (Also works for a single led, which just lights when any layer is active)

Most of the code comes from the Mono color LED backlight extension.

Enabling the extension

To enable the extension you need to define a list of led_pins. It can be a list of a one, two or three pins.

from kmk.extensions.statusled import statusLED
import board

statusLED = statusLED(led_pins=[board.GP0, board.GP1, board.GP2])


Key Aliases Description
KC.SLED_INC Increase Brightness
KC.SLED_DEC Decrease Brightness


All of these values can be set by default for when the keyboard boots.

statusLED = statusLED(

The brightness values are in percentages.