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Before you look further, you probably want to start with our getting started guide.




  • Combos: Adds chords and sequences
  • Layers: Adds layer support (Fn key) to allow many more keys to be put on your keyboard
  • HoldTap: Adds support for augmented modifier keys to act as one key when tapped, and modifier when held.
  • Mouse keys: Adds mouse keycodes
  • OneShot: Adds support for oneshot/sticky keys.
  • Power: Power saving features. This is mostly useful when on battery power.
  • SerialACE: [DANGER - see module README] Arbitrary Code Execution over the data serial.
  • Split: Keyboards split in two. Seems ergonomic!
  • TapDance: Different key actions depending on how often it is pressed.
  • Steno: Communicate with stenography software over serial.



  • International: Adds international keycodes
  • LED: Adds backlight support. This is for monocolor backlight, not RGB
  • LockStatus: Exposes host-side locks like caps or num lock.
  • MediaKeys: Adds support for media keys such as volume
  • RGB: RGB lighting for underglow. Will work on most matrix RGB as will be treated the same as underglow.
  • Status LED: Indicates which layer you are on with an array of single leds.

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