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Mouse keys

To enable mouse cursor and/or mouse buttons control from the keyboard add this module to list:

from kmk.modules.mouse_keys import MouseKeys


Keycode Description
KC.MB_LMB Left mouse button
KC.MB_RMB Right mouse button
KC.MB_MMB Middle mouse button
KC.MB_BTN4 mouse button 4
KC.MB_BTN5 mouse button 5
KC.MW_UP Mouse wheel up
KC.MW_DOWN, KC.MW_DN Mouse wheel down
KC.MW_LEFT, KC.MW_LT Mouse pan left
KC.MW_RIGHT, KC.MW_RT Mouse pan right
KC.MS_UP Move mouse cursor up
KC.MS_DOWN, KC.MS_DN Move mouse cursor down
KC.MS_LEFT, KC.MS_LT Move mouse cursor left
KC.MS_RIGHT, KC.MS_RT Move mouse cursor right

Customizing Movement

To change the speed and acceleration of mouse movement use the following code:

from kmk.modules.mouse_keys import MouseKeys

mousekeys = MouseKeys(
    max_speed = 10,
    acc_interval = 20, # Delta ms to apply acceleration
    move_step = 1


Note: Support for panning (mouse wheel left/right) has to be explicitly enabled in with the bootcfg module.