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This module allows you to save power and is targeted to Bluetooth/battery based keyboards.


Key Description
KC.PS_TOG Toggles powersave on/off
KC.PS_ON Turns powersave on
KC.PS_OFF Turns powersave off

Enabling the extension

To turn on basic power saving, this is all that is required.

from kmk.modules.power import Power

power = Power()


Optional extra power saving

On supported boards, such as the nice!nano, power can be cut on VCC saving extra power if OLEDS or RGBs are installed. These drain power even when off, so this will prevent them from doing so.

from kmk.modules.power import Power

# Your may already have this set. If not, add it like this
# import board
# keyboard.powersave_pin = board.P0_13
power = Power(powersave_pin=keyboard.powersave_pin)


Make sure that the pin is correct for your microcontroller. The example is for the nice!nano. Not all microcontrollers have this feature and this can be omitted if not and there will simply be less power saving.